Make a Loan Payment

There are several conventient ways to take care of your loan payments in digital banking.* You can schedule automatic payments to set it and forget it, or use our one-time payment options in a pinch.

See our tips for making on-time payments every month so you’re never past due. Your credit score will thank you!

Transfer from an external account Pay from an internal account Pay with external debit card
FREE Standard delivery FREE $10 fee
Standard and Next Day delivery Instant processing Instant processing^
Fund your internal account to make a payment Make regular or principal-only payments Make regular payment directly from debit card
Recurring transfer available Recurring payment available One-time payment only

How to Make Loan Payments

Pay your Credit Card Balance in Visa Access

Make payments easily through Visa Access in digital banking. To add a payment account:

  • Login to digital banking
  • On Accounts screen, click on your Credit Card account to enter Visa Access
  • In Visa Access, select Payments from the menu, then select Payment Accounts
  • Select Add Payment Account and complete the prompts to connect your Interior Federal or external account via Plaid

To schedule a payment:

  • In Visa Access, select Payments from the menu, then select Automatic Payments
  • Select type of monthly payment and payment account

You can also make a payment by calling Customer Service at 1-866-570-1238.

Or, send payment by mail: P.O. Box 37035, Boone, IA, 50037-0035. All Visa payments are processed when received. However, the available credit will not be available for 2 business days. Funds will be credited to your available balance after the hold has been released.

Make a Loan Payment with an External Transfer

Set up an external transfer to send money from an external account to an Interior Federal deposit account via Standard or Next Day delivery. Once your deposit account is funded, you can make an internal transfer to your loan account instantly. 

If you set up recurring transfers to fund your account, then you can automate your loan payments for ultimate convenience. Visit our Transfers page to get started.

Make a Loan Payment with an Internal Transfer

An internal transfer is the simplest way to make a one-time or recurring loan payment. To schedule a payment:

  • Login to digital banking
  • On Accounts screen, find your loan and click the Pay button
  • Select your funding account
  • Set the desired date
  • Select Repeat to choose the frequency and duration (refer to your payoff statement for monthly payment, due date and number of payments required)

Learn easy ways to keep funds in your account so you never miss a payment!

Make a Loan Payment with an External Debit Card

You can use any VISA® or MasterCard® debit card to make a regular payment to your personal, verhicle or home equity loan. The one-time payment will process instantaneously^ for a $10 fee+. Find step-by-step instructions on our Transfers page.

Make a Loan Payment with a Mobile Deposit

Easily deposit a check from another financial institution with the IFCU Mobile App to pay your loan:

• Login to mobile banking
• Select Mobile Deposit
• Endorse your check “For Mobile Deposit Only at Interior Federal“ 
• Select the loan you want the payment applied to
• Follow the prompts to complete the mobile deposit (for a tutorial, visit our Mobile Deposit page)

^Payments made at or after 9pm EST will be posted the following business day.

+There is a $10 fee for this service due to interchange fees to process through Visa® or MasterCard®.

Tips for On-Time Payments, Every Time

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Keep Funds in Your Account

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Schedule Recurring Payments

  • Refer to your payoff statement for monthly payment, due date and number of payments required to pay off your loan
  • View and manage your scheduled transfers anytime in digital banking under the Transfer & Pay tab
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Set Up Payment Reminders

  • Online Banking: Login, click on Notifications and then Settings to set up email and/or text alerts. Enable the loan payment due notification.
  • Mobile Banking: Login, tap on More, then Settings, then Push Notifications. Enable the loan payment due notification for push alerts.

Loan Payment FAQs

Can I pay off my loan?

Yes, enter the payoff amount that is displayed on the loan payment screen.

Can I make principal-only payments?

Yes. To make a principal-only payment, select the drop-down for ‘Make a regular payment’ on the loan payment screen to change it to ‘Pay to principal’.

Is there a prepayment fee or penalty?

No, there is no prepayment fee or penalty. You can make early or additional payments at any time in digital banking.

Do you offer Skip a Pay?

We offer Skip a Pay on eligible Vehicle, Signature, and Personal Lines of Credit.

Do you offer Debt Counseling?

We offer Financial Counseling through our partner GreenPath.

Do you offer debt protection?

Debt Protection is available for Interior Federal credit cards, personal loans, vehicle loans and home equity loans. You can add Debt Protection when you apply for your loan, or add it afterwards at anytime.

*Message or data rates may apply depending on your wireless plan.

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