Teen Accounts – Ages 13 to 17

You’re in Control of Your Future.

If you’re between the ages of 13 and 17, our Teen Accounts are designed for you. With a Teen Account from Interior Federal, you are able to get started on saving up for whatever you want. Whether it’s a car, college, or something that’s just fun, you need to start racking up some money.  Plus, start getting experience with a checking account and debit card– just another way to financial independence.

  • We’ll fund your initial $25 deposit^
  • You’ll get a special quarterly newsletter
  • You’ll receive a happy birthday email with a special offer
  1. If there is a $500 balance in your Teen Savings on your birthday, $5 will be deposited into that account.
  2. If there is a $1,000 balance in your Teen Savings on your birthday,  $10 will be deposited into that account.

Teen Savings Account

From the minute you begin to accumulate money, whether it is gifted for life milestones or earned at a job, our Teen Savings Account teaches you how important it is to save your money.  Plus, our Teen Savings Account gives you the opportunity to learn skills that will be with you the rest of your lives.

We’ll fund your initial $25 deposit!^

Secondary Savings

Need to save for something specific? A Secondary Savings Account makes it easy to separate savings for specific needs. You’ll be able to name these accounts whatever you want to make it easy to keep track of savings for different goals.

  • No minimum opening deposit
  • No minimum balance

BalancesDividend RateAPY*
$25 - $1,4990.15%0.15%
$1,500 and up0.20%0.20%

^A minimum balance ($25) must be maintained in Primary Savings Account.

Checking Account

From flared jeans to flunked tests, most teen blunders bear little consequence on our adult lives. But some things, like bad money habits, can stick with us for decades to come and aren’t so easy to shake off.

Our Checking Account with a debit card for Teens can help steer kids in the right direction before spending mistakes become the norm.

+Although our ATM fees for Young Adult and Teen Accounts are waived for transactions performed at our ATMs and on those in the surcharge-free networks (AllPoint, Alliance One, Co-Op, CUNow, CU24, and STAR) there may be a charge from foreign ATM networks and/or ATM owners. A foreign ATM is defined as not being part of the Credit Union’s surcharge-free ATM networks.

*Data rates may apply.

Money Market Account

Do you want to earn higher dividends while maintaining the flexibility to use your funds? If so, our Money Market Account might be the perfect account for you! We offer tiered dividends, so your earnings will grow right along with your balance. The more money you deposit, the more money you’ll earn.

  • No minimum opening deposit
  • No monthly fees
  • Competitive dividends on average daily balance of $1,000 or more
  • Convenient digital banking access

Accumulator Certificate

Take advantage of our competitive rates with a lower minimum opening deposit. You can add to an Accumulator Certificate at any time during the term.

  • Open an Accumulator Certificate with a minimum of $50
  • Add money at anytime with at least $25
  • Available for 24 month term


If you want to earn a higher guaranteed return on your funds than a regular savings account, an Interior Federal Certificate is the best savings option.

  • Minimum opening deposit is $500
  • Terms up to 60 months

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is based on the minimum balances of each tier, except for regular certificates that are based on $20,000.

^A cash incentive from Interior Federal is considered a “bonus” as defined by the NCUA regulations, Truth-in-Savings, Section 707.2(f) and must be reported on IRS form 1099 as dividend income. The bonus will be given when we receive the completed membership application and all required documentation. A minimum balance ($25) must be maintained.

More details are available in our Schedule of Fees and Charges, Truth-In-Savings Disclosure and Membership Disclosure.

Interior Federal does not knowingly solicit data from children. Interior Federal recognizes that protecting children’s identities and privacy on-line is important, and the responsibility to do so, rests with both online industry and parents. Due to the requirement that all online accounts have an email address associated with them, we are aware that accounts for minors may have active email addresses for the minor or the custodian. Interior Federal emails in general never solicit personal or financial information.”

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