Branch Services

The following additional services are available at Interior Federal branch locations.

Savings Bonds

A safe and conservative savings vehicle, EE Bonds are reliable, low-risk, and backed by the U.S. Government. They can be purchased through TreasuryDirect and cashed in at Interior Federal branch locations.

Notary Services

We offer notary services for the execution of documents and validation that the signer did so voluntarily. This service is free to Interior Federal members.

Coin Sorter

Skip the hassle of wrapping your coins. Use our convenient coin sorter to quickly receive cash or deposit the funds into your account—all at no cost to our valued members!

Medallion Signature Guarantee

A special signature guarantee for the transfer of securities to protect the shareholders.

Money Orders

Money Orders are a safe and reliable alternative to checks. They’re perfect when you are mailing funds to someone, are easy to cash and can be deposited directly into bank accounts. Members get 2 free money orders per day, and are $5 each thereafter. 

The services listed above are not NCUA insured.

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