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Interior Federal is a member-owned and member-run financial institution committed to providing our Select Employee Groups, their volunteers, members and families with world-class banking, lending, insurance and investment products. We are your natural resource for financial services!

We understand the complexities our members face every day, so we work hard to be a natural resource they can rely on. Since 1935, we have been promoting financial wellness and working hard to make our community a better place to live and work.

Throughout 2023, Interior Federal has worked on a rebrand.  Based on our research and your feedback, our new brand will better align with our membership and the nationwide communities that we serve.

The research we conducted was a survey asking members and non-members their impressions of the Credit Union. With changes being implemented throughout 2024, we want to remain helpful, friendly, convenient, connected, reliable, and safe & secure. In addition to the changes below, we will be unveiling a new look that includes a fresh color palette, redesigned logo, a new tagline, and a new name. We will announce these updates as they happen so you know that we are still the same institution that you can trust and rely on.

Below, you will see we now have a new mission, vision, and core values. We have also added in a promise to you, our loyal members.


Financial freedom for this and future generations.


Empower our members with nationwide service and resources that meet their diverse needs.


Convenient and tailored financial solutions wherever you are.


Core ValuesDefinitions
EmpowermentThe process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life.
StewardshipThe careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.
ServiceThe contribution to the welfare of others.
CommitmentThe state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.

Community service and philanthropy are deeply ingrained in our mission. Each year, we extend our reach beyond the credit union to actively engage in the communities we serve. By lending a helping hand, we aim to bridge the gap between financial wellness and the needs of those we serve. These initiatives not only allow us to make a positive impact but also provide valuable opportunities to strengthen our relationships with both our members and the areas we serve. Some examples of our community involvement include:

  • The Annual Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race through the National Mall and in D.C.
  • Earth Day with the National Park Service
  • Great Outdoors Month with Corps Network
  • National Public Lands Day

Our goal is to serve as a resource to improve and enrich lives. We support the mission and vision of the Department of the Interior through financial empowerment programs, scholarships, charitable contributions, fundraising activities, and volunteer opportunities.

The Credit Union Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collective is an expanding group formed within the Credit Union Movement devoted to furthering DEI, a shared cooperative principle. The CU DEI Collective believes, diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to a vibrant, relevant and growing Credit Union Movement, and is good business.

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Come be a part of our company-wide initiative to volunteer!  For more information on current and future events follow us on Facebook or contact the credit union at (800) 914-8619.

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