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The Credit Union is closed on Monday, October 14th. The CU Service Centers will be open for Member Services.

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Account holders at financial institutions have encountered scams in Michigan and potentially other areas around the country. Please beware.

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What Our Members Say

“I chose Interior FCU when I first started working at USGS back in 1992 because it was convenient and had great rates. Through the years, it has been my constant through life changes (good and bad). I’m an Interior FCU fan for life!”

“The rates we get on savings, & certificates are the best.”

“I’ve always enjoyed their quick response and efficient manners. Also, they go the extra mile.”

“Very easy to work with; ATMs everywhere, good online user interface!”

“I advise all DOI employees to join the Interior FCU because they are here to help you.”

“Certificate and money market accounts earn fairly well.”

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