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Set up your skip a pay today through Online Banking/Secure Forms.

Important information about skip a payment:

  • We offer skip a pay on eligible Vehicle, Signature, and Personal Lines of Credit. (see Visa Skip a Payment below.)
  • The maximum monthly payment is $2,500 (bi-weekly, weekly, & etc. payments are automatically converted to a monthly amount to qualify).
  • Maximum of 3 skips during this time.^
  • You must be in good standing with the Credit Union.

Set up your skip a pay today through Online Banking.

VISA Skip a Payment 

Visa Credit Cardholders in good standing will be able to skip their June, July, and August payments.  There is no action needed on your part.  You can choose to either skip or pay your payment.  There will be a statement message on your next Visa Statement that will explain the special skip program.  Interest will accrue during the month when a payment is not made. Please note that members enrolled in auto-pay and/or fixed pay will not be able to automatically skip a payment. Members should contact us to coordinate cancellation of any auto-payment details. 

^Interest will continue to accrue during the month when payment is not made.


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