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Zelle Safety

How to Use Zelle® Safely

Preparing for a Recession

Taking steps to improve your financial health in case of a recession is a responsible and forward-thinking move. Here’s how to be in position for weathering a recession.

Learn How to Use Card Management

Interior FCU is now offering Card Management. Card Management is a feature in Digital Banking with the functionality to report lost/ stolen cards and order replacement cards. Read the blog to learn more!

7 Naughty Scams to Watch out for this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time of year for receiving and giving gifts. It is also the time of year that scammers work harder than ever to intrude on your privacy and extract money from your account.

Making a Transfer Visa Mobile App

Need to transfer money account to account or to a friend? Learn How easy it is to make a transfer on the go!

Club Accounts

A club account is a type of savings account in which the account holder makes regular contributions toward a predetermined goal.

Coping with Inflation? Be Budget Aware.

Inflation continues to put pressure on household budgets.

5 Common Questions About Your Interior FCU Account After Retirement

Many of our members assume they have to close their accounts due to retiring from the Department. Read on to find out why keeping your membership active—even from a distance–is a really wise choice.

Credit Score

Credit Score is a free service offered by Interior Federal Credit Union. With one click, you can check your credit score, view your credit report, and get up to date credit monitoring notifications.

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