Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for directing and controlling the Credit Union. The board directs the credit union in accordance with the federal or state credit union acts, by laws, ethical business practices, and other rules and regulations.

Our Board consists of volunteers, who are members of the Credit Union in good standing and serve a three-year term. Board members are key to the success of our CU and bring a wealth of knowledge, energy, and interest in upholding our mission to deliver excellent service to our members with financial products that meet their diverse needs.

The IFCU will announce annually those members whose terms expire in the coming year. And if there are more candidates than the number of expired terms, an annual Board election will be announced and held. Every member of the Credit Union is eligible to cast a vote for a candidate who is running as a Board member. All members, in good standing and with the appropriate education and experience, are also eligible to serve on the Board and/or as an Associate Board Member (refer to the tabs below for more information becoming a board member). 

When there are more candidates for a Board position than there are actual vacant positions, the IFCU will hold a Board of Directors vote. Every member of the Credit Union is eligible to cast a vote for a candidate who is running as a Board member volunteer. 

We have 9 Volunteer Board Member positions and up to 3 Volunteer Associate Directors.

Chair  – Mark Davis

Vice Chair – Monica Taylor-Lane

Secretary – Shawn Buckner

Treasurer – Brenda Rodriguez

Members at Large – Karen Baker, Chris ColvinJacqueline Lynch, John Nyce , Peter Probst – Apply Below

Associate Directors –  Apply Below

Volunteering for the Credit Union can be a truly rewarding experience. Vacancies on the Board are open to all members in good standing.


In applying for the position of a Director on the Board of Directors of Interior Federal Credit Union (IFCU), you are committing to serve the Board as a voting member, develop policies, procedures, and regulations for the operation of the IFCU; and to monitor finances of the Credit Union, its products and performance. You agree to fulfill all of the obligations, contained below, and will immediately resign your position should you be unable to fulfill the duties and obligations of the position. You need to fully comprehend your fiduciary obligation that will be entrusted to you, and you will perform the duties to the best of your abilities.

The term of your appointment is normally three years from the annual meeting.

Expected Meeting Attendance:

  • Regularly attend meetings as scheduled, at the minimum 12 per year or as deemed necessary.
  • Board Meetings are normally in the evenings, the 4th Tuesday of each month, in Arlington, VA
  • Actively participate in committees of the Board as appointed
  • Attend Board retreats, workshops, and other training opportunities
  • Attend the Credit Union annual meeting and other special events as needed.
  • Attend strategic planning sessions as scheduled.


  • Establish policy
  • Select, appraise (annually), and support the President/CEO
  • Monitor finances and assure financial soundness
  • Develop, monitor, and update long-range plans
  • Assure that products and services meet the needs of the members
  • Keep current with all regulations, policies, and trends in order to make sound critical decisions.
  • Attend or complete annual training seminars the cost of which (seminar costs) will be reimbursed by the credit union.
  • Report immediately to the Chairman any conflicts of interest that would prohibit you from fulfilling all of your duties and responsibilities as a Director.

Specific Duties:

  • Attend meetings
  • Be well informed on agenda items and read the Board Packet in advance of meetings
  • Listen respectfully to others points of view
  • Participate in the open exchange of ideas
  • Participate in decision making
  • Represent and champion the Credit Union to the public and to members
  • Educate yourself about the needs of the members served by the Credit Union
  • Participate in training events to increase your knowledge to better serve the membership.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Candidate must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years as of the election date and be a member of Interior FCU in good standing, defined as follows:

  • $25 minimum balance in savings.
  • No delinquent loans.

2. Candidate should be prepared to attend monthly board meetings if elected. Per the Board Standard of Performance, a director may be removed due to lack of attendance and his/her/their candidacy for a subsequent term may be rejected.

3. In addition to attending monthly board meetings, desirable qualifications include actively serving on a standing or special committee of the Credit Union.

4. No nominee for office shall serve in any capacity in the election process. No employee or relative of an employee of our Credit Union shall be allowed to run for any elected office.

5. All officials and employees of other financial institutions will be prohibited from running for elective office of this credit union because of Part II of the NCUA Rules and Regulations, which prohibit “Management Official Interlocks.”

Application Process:

Complete, print and sign the following application. Submit to IFCU by August 31st to be considered by the nominating committee. Any member meeting the eligibility requirements, but not nominated by the committee, may use the petition process.

Qualified members have two ways to apply for a Board vacancy:

  1. Submit an Online Application to the Nominating Committee by the deadline each year (August 31st).
  2. Nomination by Petition – If applying after the deadline, any Interior FCU member in good standing who wishes to be placed on the ballot must do so by having a petition signed by 1% of the Credit Union membership (at least 175 members.) A brief biography, a statement of qualifications, and a signed statement pledging the nominee’s willingness to serve if elected must also accompany it. Nominations by petition must be received by 3:00 p.m. on December 2, 2022 and should be addressed to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee and mailed to our mailing address:

Interior FCU

ATTN:  Chairman of the Nominating Committee

12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, BA208 MS700

Reston, VA  20192-0002

If you have any questions regarding the nominating procedure, contact the current Chairman of the Nominating Committee, who can be reached by calling 202-208-4006.

Board Member Application

If you are interested, please review the position description and submit your application.

Job Title

Associate Director (AD)

 Reporting Relationship

Reports to: Chairman of the Board


This position is a developmental position for individuals who are ultimately interested in serving on the Board of Directors for Interior FCU. While this is a non-voting position on the Board, the AD is expected to attend Board meetings, which are on the fourth Tuesday of every month in Rosslyn, VA.  The AD will participate in all Board discussions and deliberations and can serve as a voting member on any of the various Board committees, which meet on an ad hoc basis. Due to the nature of this position, there are some limitations. The AD may not serve as a committee chair, nor attend executive sessions of the Board that are primarily held to address personnel and pay issues.

The primary objective of the position is to provide a structure to ensure that potential members of the Board of Directors receive adequate preparation to perform successfully and contribute to the success of the Interior Federal Credit Union.

    Qualification Requirements

  • A member in good standing at the Credit Union.
  • Has the ability and willingness to devote time and talent to preparation and participation in board meetings, committee meetings, special projects, assignments and independent study.
  • Has the ability to take and handle criticism for making necessary but unpopular decisions.
  • Ability to articulate rationale for offered suggestions in regards to improving the CU.
  • Has an open mind, the ability to use sound judgment, a willingness to accept responsibility, and the ability to make group decisions with fellow Board members.
  • Has a demonstrated desire to learn about the credit union, and its services, laws, and regulations that govern it, and the responsibilities of a Board member.
  • Has a combination of work experience, education and demographic representation that is appropriate for the position.
  • Has at least a working familiarity with basic finance and accounting practices, including the ability to read and understand the credit union’s balance sheet and income statement and the ability to ask, as appropriate, substantive questions of management and auditors.

Other Skills:

  • Knowledge of or the ability and willingness to learn about credit union products and services, including, but not limited to: savings products, lending products, information technology and other services offered.
  • Knowledge of or the ability and willingness to learn about the credit union system, its structure, common language and acronyms, philosophy and the credit union’s mission statement.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

 1. As a non-voting member, works with the Board and CU executive management team to develop strategies, objectives, and goals for the credit union through:

  • Attendance and active participation in strategic planning sessions.
  • Attendance and active participation in all meetings of the board of directors, generally monthly, with the exception of the board executive sessions.
  • Active participation in assigned Board committees.
  • Attendance at the annual meeting.
  • Confidentiality — The AD must hold in confidence all transactions of this credit union with its members and all information respecting their personal affairs, except when permitted by state or federal law.

2. Maintains literacy and remains current regarding the CU’s finances to ensure its sound financial condition. Knowledge is gained with understanding how the Board:

  • Designates depositories, authorizes borrowing and investing, and provides for bonding and other security factors, including internal control procedures.
  • Approves interest rates, dividends, and refunds, or approves policies to guide management in doing so.
  • Approves loan limits and savings minimums.
  • Approves the credit union budget.
  • Declares dividend rates, based on recommendations of the ALCO committee.
  • Determines the rates, maturities, security, terms, and conditions for all loans granted by the credit union.
  • Determines policies relating to the granting and appropriate collection of loans and authorizes the charge-off of uncollectible loans.
  • Authorizes all appropriate borrowing for the credit union.
  • Authorizes the appropriate deposit and investment of funds of the credit union.
  • Determines the surety bond needs of the credit union at least annually and ensure that appropriate persons are bonded in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Acts on loans to Directors, Supervisory Committee members and Credit Union executive staff.

3. Gains, and retains, an understanding regarding applicable policies of the CU’s operations and by-laws in order to participate on the Board to review the following:

  • Policies and bylaws and update as necessary.
  • Amendment of the credit union bylaws as appropriate.
  • Filling of vacancies (unexpired terms) of the Board of Directors and its various committees as needed.
  • All business affairs and affairs of members in a confidential manner and refrain from any relationship that would create conflict of interest with regard to the credit union.

4. Learn more about the credit union system, its services, and about the individual responsibilities of a board member by:

  • Meeting the minimum training requirements.


For the 2021 election for Interior FCU’s Board of Directors, there are 3 seats up for election.

More information in the next quarterly newsletter coming out in January.

2021 BOD Nominees

  • Chris Colvin
  • Mark Davis
  • Monica Taylor Lane

Chris Colvin (incumbent)

Chris Colvin is an Outdoor Recreation Planner with the US Forest Service. Prior to that he was a Legislative Affairs Specialist with the National Park Service at the Main Interior Building and Management Analyst in the National Park Service Northeast Regional Office providing oversight on collection and expenditure of over $10 million in fee revenue per year. Chris has a B.A. in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Yale University, focusing on law and policy. He has worked as a seasonal biologist and as an Operations Manager for a research collaboration based at Stanford University, managing communications, hiring, grant proposals, and financial reporting for an annual budget over $4 million.

Chris is currently chair of the racial equity committee and a member of the marketing and strategic planning committees. The Interior FCU is facing important opportunities for growth. To continue improvement of rates and services, we need to increase and diversify our membership. As a relatively new member and a young person with quantitative analysis skills, Chris will continue to help evaluate opportunities to provide services that will attract new members, as well as develop strategies for engaging with potential new members.

Chris will focus on enhancing rates and services for all members and recruiting new members to build the next generation of credit union members and advocates, so that the Interior FCU can continue to improve its services for members. Chris is a strong believer in and advocate for equity, powered by cooperative businesses and credit unions. Banking and financial services are critically important and should primarily benefit people and communities—and profits should be shared by member/owners.

Mark H. Davis   (incumbent)

Mark H. Davis has been a member of the Interior Federal Credit Union for almost 20 years and has served on the Board of Directors since 2012.  While on the Board, he has served as Secretary, Vice Chair, and is now the Chair.  His goal for the Credit Union is to provide slow but steady growth, backed by sound leadership and oversight to provide first class service to its members, with an emphasis on Department of the Interior employees.  Mark retired from the federal government in January of 2018, having served his last 10 years as a member of the Senior Executive Service.

Mark worked in the Federal budget community for over 20 years at the Bureau of Land Management, the USDA Forest Service, Senate Appropriations, the Department of the Interior, the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Mark has a B.S. and a M.S from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.  Mark has been civically active throughout his entire life, which have included communities in Wisconsin, Nevada, California, Mississippi, and the greater metropolitan DC area.  Some of these included serving on the Board of Directors for his Homeowners Association, an Anti-Gang Task Force in Southern California, and the Board of Trustees for the Battle Mountain, Nevada General Hospital.  Mark enjoys traveling, skiing, biking, and stand-up paddle boarding.  Mark and his wife, Rita, have 2 adult children and two grandsons, ages 14 months and 3 years!

Monica Taylor Lane (incumbent)

As a long-standing Interior employee, who has dedicated more than 35 years to the Department, Monica Taylor Lane is currently a Staff Accountant with the Office of Financial Management (PFM) in the Office of the Secretary (OS).  In PFM, Monica serves as a financial management policy expert, writing departmental policy for the 10 Interior Bureaus and the Interior Business Center (IBC).  Having worked in the various divisions of PFM, which include the Systems, Financial Reporting, and Internal Control and Audit Follow-up Divisions, she clearly demonstrates a wide range of knowledge, skills, and acumen in financial operations.  Early in her career, Monica worked as an Operating Accountant for OS and later as a Systems Accountant for the former Washington Administrative Service Center (now known as the IBC).  She is a member of the Association for Government Accountants and is a Certified Government Financial Manager.  Monica earned a B.S. Degree in Accounting from Johnson C. Smith University (summa cum laude), M.S. Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Maryland University College and is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Today, Monica currently serves as a Board member for the Interior Federal Credit Union; Chairperson of the Interior Loan Review Committee; and is a member of the Interior Federal Credit Union’s Strategic Planning & Policy Oversight Committee; Technology Committee; Loan Policy Committee; Racial Equity Committee; and the Merger/Acquisition Committee. In her leisure time, Monica enjoys reading, jogging, outdoor activities, and traveling with her daughter Montaigne and husband Henry.

Our 86th Annual Meeting was held virtually on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 2:00pm EST.

 Annual Report

Shawn Buckner (incumbent)

Shawn M. Buckner is the Assistant Director in the Division of Research and Statistics for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Mr. Buckner leads the new Program Direction Office for the division, which provides division-level coordination and front-office support to the R&S director, and the entire division in the areas of communications, employee engagement, strategic planning and program budget, portfolio and process management, and continuous improvement. Previously, Mr. Bucker served as the Director, Office of Policy Analysis in the Assistant Secretary’s Office of Policy, Management and Budget within the Office of the Secretary for the Department of the Interior. Mr. Buckner was responsible for guiding the office’s efforts to provide policy, program, economic and issue analysis, and coordination of Departmental activities. Mr. Buckner has twenty years of experience as a management consultant and government leader. He is passionate about leading high priority projects that result in optimal governance. He has successfully worked on a variety of complex issues with diverse groups of people to develop into a leader with a track record of success. This includes successfully managing a $300 million budget as the Chief Operating Officer for the District of Columbia’s Department of Human Services. Mr. Buckner has also served as the Chief of Program Operations for the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Safeguards which is responsible for managing all the Federal Tax Information held by more than 300 Federal, State, and Local government offices. While at the Department of the Interior, Mr. Buckner effectively served as the Deputy Director for Operations for the Land Buy-Back Program where he was responsible for managing a trust fund of nearly $2 billion. Beginning in June 2018, Mr. Buckner has served as the Associate Director of the Interior Federal Credit Union increasing the diversity of ideas and opinions related strategic policy and procedures. This experience has further motivated him to pursue the role of a full board member. Mr. Buckner also serves on the board of the Community Partnership. This organization works on prevention services, street outreach efforts, emergency shelter, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing for individuals and families. While serving on the board he has productively worked with the District of Columbia’s Housing Authority, banking industry and local government. In addition, Mr. Buckner volunteers as a senior attorney at the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service. His practice area has been focused on home foreclosure prevention. Mr. Buckner evaluates the legal position of the individuals in distressed financial circumstances and partners with financial institutions to identify options for homeowners. Mr. Buckner earned his Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, his Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law, and Master of Science in Public Policy and Management from the Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University.


Jacqueline Lynch (incumbent)

Jacqueline (Jackie) has been a member of the Department of the Interior Federal Credit Union for over 25 years. 26 years ago, Jackie even worked in the Reston Credit Union Branch when it had the whopping staff of two – her and Judy Bear. That exposure led to the start of her fulfilling Government career with the Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, never far away from the Credit Union, even beginning in the USGS Imprest Fund. Most of her 25 years with DOI has been with USGS, but she also enjoyed two brief stints at DOI’s Office of Accounting Management and with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs.  She presently serves as the USGS Chief of Financial Systems Branch in the USGS Office of Accounting and Financial Management and oversees the DOI Financial Business and Management System (FBMS) for USGS, recognized as a respected leader within USGS and across DOI.  Jackie earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia, has 4 wonderful grown children, and in her free time enjoys collecting passport stamps from as many National Parks as she can and from as many Baseball stadiums as she can.  Go Nats!


John Nyce (incumbent)

John W. Nyce is currently an independent consultant supporting both government and industry clients.  Previously he was the Managing Principal for Government Services for KAA Federal Solutions and prior to that the Vice President for one of the B3’s Solutions three Business Sectors.  In both positions, he was responsible for the daily operations of his business sector, keeping clients satisfied under contracts valued annually at in the millions of dollars and for developing and expansion of the business base in his sector of the company.  While in the Federal Government, John had over 35 years of experience, with the last twelve years at the Department of the Interior.  In his last position, John was the Associate Director for Acquisition Services for the National Business Center (currently called the Interior Business Center) of the Department of Interior.  The National Business Center was/is a fee for service organization that provides administrative services to DOI and other Federal agencies.  His work experience at DOI included being the NBC Assistant Director of the Administrative Operations Directorate from 2001-2007. In this position, he had management oversight responsibilities for an organization consisting of over 200 employees’ nationwide, formulation and execution of a $50+ million dollar annual budget which crossed over 60 individual directorate accounts, and the delivery of a large array of products and services to both DOI and over 100 outside Federal agencies. In his last assignment as mentioned, John was the Associate Director of the NBC Acquisition Services Organization. In this position, John was responsible for the management of five acquisition offices across the US, 250 employees and the delivery of a wide variety of acquisition services. In the last year, his organization executed approximately 2 billion dollars of contractual actions.  John has a MBA degree from George Washington University with a major in Finance and Investments and a BS degree from Penn State University with a major in Business.  He is an active member of the National Contract Management Association and supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s efforts to wipe out Leukemia. 

John has been a member of the Interior Federal Credit Union for over 15 years. He shares the desires of the other members of the Credit Union board to ensure the soundness of the credit union, continually striving to expand the financial services available to the employees, family members and the associates of the Department and while always maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.  Since joining the board in 2007, John initially served as the Chair of the Human Resources Committee as well as serving on the Strategic Planning Committee. While serving in this capacity, the credit union enjoyed a pattern of steady growth throughout some very austere economic times and also expanded the services to its members.  John has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  While in that capacity, the Credit Union continued its steady growth pattern, introduced an expanded array of products and services, added various automation tools to make dealing with the credit union easier and finally the credit union continually scores very high when ranked against other Credit Unions in the DC metro area of comparable size to ours.  John has found that serving on the board has been a very rewarding experience and hopes to be re-elected again in order to continue this association as a board member and by working with you the members and the Credit Union Leadership to achieve greater successes in the future.


Brenda Rodriguez (incumbent)

Brenda Rodriguez has over 30 years of Federal budget and accounting experience. She is currently the Branch Chief of the Financial Applications Business Branch at the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts where she is responsible for the business requirements for their accounting system and all agency specific financial feeders. She spent more than 11 years at the United States Department of Agriculture, was the Finance Officer for the Office of the Secretary at the Department of the Interior for over six years and spent the first 10 years of her Federal career at Treasury’s Financial Management Service, now known as the Fiscal Service. Brenda earned a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from George Mason University. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. Brenda is currently serving as the Interior Federal Credit Union’s Treasurer, is a member of the Asset Liability Management, the Human Resources, and Marketing Committees. She has been on the Credit Union’s Board of Directors since 2008 and prior to that served on the Credit Committee. She has held offices in several other volunteer organizations, including Treasurer of several local and regional organizations and currently serves as the treasurer of her homeowner’s association. She spends her free time following her son’s budding opera career and caring for the turtle, cat and two dogs he left behind.



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