Direct Deposit & Wire Transfers

Take the worry out of depositing your paycheck, making a loan payment, or leaving your mail unattended. When you set up Direct Deposit and Payroll Allotment with your employer, your money is deposited electronically into your Interior accounts and directed where you need it to be. These services are safe and secure and make banking stress free.

DOI Employees:

Non-DOI Employees:

  • Non-DOI employees must fill out the Direct Deposit form from their employer and submit it to their respective human resources office.
  • When providing your account information to your employer/Human Resources office, be sure that you use your eight (8) digit account number.

Social Security Recipients:

Our routing and transit # is 254074442.

For additional details on direct deposit, please log in to Online Banking, navigate to Secure Forms, and choose the Direct Deposit/ACH option from the drop-down menu.

To initiate a wire transfer, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your online banking account.
  2. Navigate to Secure Forms and select Wire Transfer.
  3. Fill out the Wire Transfer form with the require information.

Our routing and transit # is 254074442.

Please note: We do not support international wire transfers.

Want to transfer funds directly from your account? Learn about online banking fund transfers.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the credit union at 800-914-8619.

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