June 21, 2022

Your Interior Federal Membership is Rewarding!

An Interior Federal Membership is rewarding. We give back to our members in the form of great rates, low to no fees, and real rewards for everyday purchases. Keep reading to learn more about the different ways you can earn rewards with your Interior Federal membership!

Debit Card Rewards:

  1. Nickel Back Rewards

Did you know you can get a Nickel Back just for using your Interior Federal Debit Card? No enrollment or minimum balance is necessary, just use your card as a signature-based transaction and get cash back that same day!

  1. Purchase Rewards

You can earn cash back when you shop online and in-store with your Interior Federal Debit Cards at our fantastic merchant partners. You’ll find reward offers for food, clothing, pet supplies, coffee and much more! Redeem the offer on your mobile app, and then use your card (or digital wallet) to get the discount! Read our Purchase Rewards blog to learn more.

3. ShopSPOT Rewards

Rack up points each time you use your Interior Federal Visa Card at participating ShopSPOT merchants. Both in-store and online offers are linked directly to your debit card, no activation necessary. ShopSPOT offers include Costco, Starbucks, and MORE!

Do you have both an Interior Federal Debit and Credit Card?

Your ShopSPOT rewards are pooled together to accumulate even more points to redeem Cash Back, Gift Cards, Merchandise, Travel, and more!

Keep reading to learn how you can earn rewards through your Interior Federal Credit Card…

Credit Card Rewards:

  1. Member Rewards

Your options are endless with Member Rewards.  Members earn 1 point for every $1 spent using their Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card. From fuel to groceries to meals out, your points will add up fast! You can redeem your points for cash back, gift cards, travel, charitable donations, experiences, merchandise, and more. Learn More. 

  1. Visa Credit Card Travel Benefits

Did you know that just by having an Interior Federal Visa Credit Card, you are eligible for benefits like Roadside Dispatch, Norton LifeLock, Travel Insurance, and more? You can take advantage of these benefits with a Visa Platinum Card or Visa Platinum Rewards Card. Read about the protection available to you on our website!

  1. That’s right, you get ShopSPOT rewards with this card, too! Get more points when you use both your debit card AND credit card each month. Points pool into the Member Rewards Program (see number 1 above) so that you have greater redemption power when you’re ready to redeem your accumulated points!

Want to know the real secret to getting maximum rewards? Carry both of our cards in your digital wallet to rack up the most rewards possible. Most debit card rewards are instantaneous, while credit card and ShopSPOT rewards earn you points to redeem when you’re ready – especially at the fuel pump!

Get busy racking up your rewards! Don’t you deserve it?

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