March 1, 2021

How To Enroll In Bill Pay

Are you looking for a simple way to have your bills paid on time? Bill Pay is a free service in online and mobile banking* that allows you to quickly and securely pay your utilities, credit cards, and other bills as well as track your payments. You can schedule exactly when you need your payments sent. You can also choose whether to make a one-time or a recurring payment.

Why should you use Bill Pay?

  • It’s secure and protects your payments with a protected username and password, which is opposite of traditional mail bill paying.
  • It’s convenient to where you can set up reminders to never miss a future payment!
  • Protect the environment! Go green with electronic payments without having to kill trees.
  • Bill Pay is also an easy way of going contactless during our current pandemic. You will not have to deal without touching paper bill statements.

How to access Bill Pay:

  1. Simply log to online banking or mobile banking.
  2. Go to Transfer & Pay tab and select Bill Pay. Select the country you live in.
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Submit the registration to start the application and review process.

Setting Up Payees:

After receiving your confirmation, you can start setting up payees.

  1. Enter the name of a business or individual and hit add. You may enter your account number as it appears on your bill
  2. Enter the billing address and hit add payee. Now you’re ready to make payments!

Paying Payees:

  1. Select the Pay tab then select the bill you would like to pay.
  2. Insert the amount you would like to pay and select Pay. Confirm your payment.

Your payment will be received.

Scheduling Payments:

  1. Select the Pay tab.
  2. Insert the amount you would like to pay and select a date to schedule the payment for the future.
  3. Confirm your payment.

Your payment is confirmed and scheduled.

To learn more about Bill Pay and its benefits, visit our website for more information.

*Cellphone provider data rates may apply. 

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