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What’s a switch kit?  The Interior Federal switch kit is designed to help you transition from your old bank or credit union account to us! The switch kit includes everything you may need to make your transition as seamless as possible.  Once you’ve opened your account here at Interior Federal, just follow these three simple steps:

 To setup your direct deposit you’ll need to know two key pieces of information: ABA/Routing Number and Account Number.  The Interior Federal ABA/Routing number is standard for all members (254074442), your Account Number is 8 digits in length and is unique to you.

How do you find your Account Number?  You may remember when you first opened your account receiving a welcome letter that looks something like this: Sample Welcome Letter . If you no longer have a copy of your welcome letter don’t worry, there’s another way to find your account number.  Login to online banking and hover over the Secure Forms tab, select the option labeled Direct Deposit/ACH, this form has everything you need to get started with Direct Deposit.

Once you have your Direct Deposit information you’ll need to provide this to your employer, if you work directly for the Department of the Interior you can visit www.employeeexpress.gov to get started, for all other members please consult with your employer.



Now that you have your deposits coming into your Interior Federal account you can start setting up Automatic Payments. Some of your bill providers may require you to go directly to their site to change the account to be debited, if your billing provider does not require this modification to be done online then you can complete the Automatic Payment change form below and either mail, fax, or securely email to their payments department.  For any specific payment related questions please consult your billing provider for further information.

Automatic Payment Change Form

Your transition from your old bank or credit union account to Interior Federal is nearly complete!  Now that you’ve setup your direct deposit and automatic payments you are ready to close out your previous account.  To keep this process easy, complete the form below and submit to your previous financial institution.

Account Closure Form

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