Debit Card Purchase Rewards Program

The Interior Federal Visa® Debit Card* does more than let you make purchases and access cash at ATMs. It also rewards you just for using your card day to day!

  • Receive targeted offers for rewards on purchases based on how you shop.
  • No limit to the rewards you can earn.
  • The more you use your Visa® Debit Card, the more offers you will receive and the more rewards you will earn!

Receiving and redeeming your offers is easy:

  1. Look for “Purchase Rewards” on your Online Banking home page.
  2. Activate offers that interest you to automatically load them onto your debit card.
  3. Shop at the specified retailer and pay using your debit card to earn the reward.
  4. Your rewards will be deposited to your account within the month after the offer is redeemed.

Most of the time, you do not need a coupon code to redeem an offer. Offers that require an online purchase are clearly specified and may include a redemption code. Each offer has different specifications regarding when and where you shop and how much you need to spend.  Each offer also has an offer period that was set by the merchant. You must redeem offers before the expiration date. The expiration date can be found in the offer details section of the offer by clicking on the offer.

Since the Credit Union does not share your personal information with retailers, we cannot credit your account immediately at the time of the purchase. Generally, they will appear on your account page within one month after the purchase. If you would like to see the offers you have redeemed or the total value of the offers you have redeemed, visit your Online Banking home page.

The Purchase Rewards Program is separate from our Nickel Back (debit card) and MemberRewards (credit card) programs. Participate in all 3 rewards programs to make your credit union membership 3 times as rewarding!

* Available to qualified applicants only and may require an application to be submitted and approved. Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa® in the United States and other countries.

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