August 12, 2022

Purchase Rewards

Get the cash back rewards you deserve! With our Purchase Rewards program, you can earn cash back when you shop online and in-store with your Interior Federal debit card at our fantastic merchant partners. You’ll find reward offers for food, clothing, pet supplies and much more!

Wondering how to start earning cash back? If you have an active Interior Federal account and our debit card, you are eligible to join Purchase Rewards. Here’s how to get started-

Join the Purchase Rewards program:

  1. Login to the Interior Federal mobile app
  2. Tap on the More tab
  3. Tap on Card Management icon across the top of the screen
  4. Tap Purchase Rewards
  5. Select Join Purchase Rewards to access the Purchase Rewards portal
  6. Tap on the Start earning cash back banner to complete opt in
Car on Tow Truck- Image Promo for Carvana Car Buying

Activate the offers that interest you:

  1. Tap on View All Offers
  2. Search by categories or sort to browse offers
  3. Tap on Activate to add to your Active Offers list














Shop and earn cash back:

  1. Shop online or in-store as directed in the offer details before the expiration date
  2. Purchase with your Interior Federal debit card
  3. Earned rewards are deposited about a month after being redeemed and will display in your Earn Summary

You can opt out at any time and easily rejoin if you change your mind. Members still earn rewards for previously activated offers up to 90 days after opting out and active offers remain if you rejoin within 30 days of opting out. Login to online or mobile banking to enroll in the program and start saving today!

There are other rewards you can earn for being an Interior Federal card holder. Purchase Rewards is different from ShopSPOT and MemberRewards. ShopSPOT is a fun way for Interior Federal Visa Debit Card holders to earn points on purchases at participating merchants; and MemberRewards is a simple, easy to use program that gives card-holders points each time their Interior Federal Rewards Credit Card is used. Members who hold both a Visa Debit and Credit Card can pool their MemberRewards and ShopSPOT points for even more cash back.

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