March 23, 2022

Contactless Cards

Introducing Interior Federal Contactless Visa® Debit Cards!!

What are contactless payments?

Contactless payments represent an exciting expansion of payment options. Contactless payments allow our members to simply tap their card to the terminal to complete the transaction. Contactless payments are touchless transactions and are now widely available at select merchants worldwide.

How do they work?

  1. Keep an eye out for the contactless symbol on signage near the point of sale.
  2. Cardholders can pay simply by tapping their Visa® contactless card at any contactless-enabled terminal. Make sure to hold your card within 2 inches of the Contactless Symbol for 1-2 seconds to complete the transaction.
  3. Tap to pay also works with payment enabled phones and wearable devices, often known as Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, etc. Cardholders should check with their device manufacturer for card eligibility.

Is tapping to pay secure?

Yes. Here’s why:

  • Each Visa ® contactless chip card carries the same trusted security as a Visa® contact chip card.
  • The one-time code generated every time a contactless chip card or device is used at an in-store contactless-enabled terminal protects your payment information, making it extremely effective in reducing counterfeit fraud.
  • You can’t pay accidentally—your card or device must be within 1-2 inches of the terminal for the sale to take place. And you won’t be billed twice, even if you accidentally tap twice.

Can people “skim” information off of a contactless chip card?

Visa® contactless chip technology generates a one-time, transaction-specific code. Due to the nature of the code and additional fraud protection processes built into the Visa® network, it is difficult to use skimmed cardholder information for fraudulent purchases. As a result, fraud from skimming is very unlikely and limited in scope.

What are the benefits:

Tapping to pay with your Interior Federal Card is a Secure, Convenient, and touch-free way to make everyday purchases.

  • Secure: Your Contactless chip uses the same dynamic security as a contact chip card, so you know it is a secure way to pay!
  • Convenient: A simple tap is all it takes.
  • Touch- Free: Tapping to pay allows you to pay while touching less surfaces.

Where can I use my contactless card?

where to use your interior fcu visa contactless chop card

When your Interior Federal Visa Debit Card expires, you will receive a new Contactless Debit Card for free. 

Want to learn more about contactless payments? Click here

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