Card Controls Frequently Asked Questions

What is Card Controls?

It is an online and mobile banking service that allows you complete control over your debit and credit card transactions.  Turn your card ON and OFF at the click of a switch, block merchants by type, block transactions by type, and even set spending limits.  It’s all up to you! You’ll also be able to set spending alerts, so you can stay in the know when it comes to your money.

How Do I Get Started With Card Controls?

Sign into your Online Banking or Mobile Banking.  Click “Card Controls” and accept the Terms and Conditions.  As long as you have an active Interior FCU debit or credit card you’ll be able to use this service.

Is There A Fee To Use Card Controls?

Card Controls is a free service within Online and Mobile Banking, however, message and data rates may apply.

How Do I Activate Alerts On My Phone Or Email Address?

Setting up alerts is a quick process, just follow these steps:

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Additional Services tab & Mobile Alerts
  • Then simply add or update your phone number and/or email address
Fraud Prevention

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are with your debit or credit card, there is always a chance that fraud can happen.  However, Card Controls is a great tool to help keep your account safe:

    • Alerts– You can set up a number of alerts that will notify you of transactions.  Alerts can be setup based on Merchant Type, Transaction Type, Location Type, and even Spend Limits.  The credit union encourages you to setup alerts that fits your needs, so that you are aware when unusual transactions are being authorized.  Alerts can be sent to your mobile phone and/or email address.
    • Decline Rules– Just like alerts, you can setup decline rules based on Merchant Type, Transaction Type, Location Type and Spending Limits.  If a transaction doesn’t pass these rules, then it will be automatically declined. 

Two rules you may want to consider setting up immediately are decline rules based on Location Type and Spend Limits.  Location Type will allow you to decline or authorize foreign transactions. If you rarely travel out of the United States, then you’ll want to consider setting up this decline rule. 

Another great rule to consider is Spend Limits. If you rarely make purchases on your debit card for over a set amount, then you can list that.  These are just two of the many rules you can use to help protect your debit card and your account.

    • Card Status– If you happen to notice an unusual activity on your account, you can immediately turn your card OFF just be toggling the Card Status button.  Alternatively, if you later realize the activity on your account is legitimate, then you can toggle the status back to ON.
How Quickly Does The ON/OFF Status (or other limits on my card) Take Effect?

Card Controls changes are effective instantly, so you have complete control of your card.

Can I Set Spending Limits?

Yes! To customize spending limits go to Card Controls, select Set Declines and Alerts, Spend Limits tab, and list a maximum limit.  Any transaction that exceeds your set limit will be declined.

Error Message - No Active Debit or Credit Card

“It appears you do not have an active debit or credit card.  If you feel like you received this message in error, please check the Support link in Online Banking to chat or send us a secure email.”  If you received this message then your account does not have an active debit or credit card at Interior FCU.  If at some point you had a debit or credit card, but it has since been closed or cancelled then you may receive this message.

Is Card Controls A Separate App?

Card Controls is not a separate app, it is a service offered to Interior FCU members who have debit cards.  The Card Controls service is within Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

How do I prevent alerts at odd hours?

In your Alert Delivery Options you can designate hours of the day when you want to restrict alerts, this function is known as “Do Not Disturb”.  You will be able to set your start time, end time and time zone.

How do I use Push notifications?

From Card Controls, select Alert Delivery Options and toggle Push Notifications ON.  From within our mobile app, select More, Settings and Push Notifications and enable or disable any push notifications.