October 11, 2018

How to Access Our Support Line Through Online & Mobile Banking

There are two ways to access our phone number in your mobile app. The first way does not require signing in, simply open your app and tap “More” at the bottom of the login page, and then tap “Call” underneath “Contact Us.” If you’re already signed in, tap “More” and scroll down to “Contact Us” and then tap “Call”.

Once you dial, you can either dial an extension or select from the following list:

1 – Automated services

2 – Apply for a loan

3 – Access Visa credit or debit card information

4 – Speak with a member service representative

5 – Locate over 5,400 shared branch locations and over 95,000 surcharge free ATMs

6 – Speak with a collections officer

9 – Repeat options

Our Mobile Apps icon

Check out our Mobile App on Apple and Google Play!

You can access the secure chat and secure email features from both our mobile app and online!

Mobile App:

Login to your mobile app and tap “More” at the bottom right. Under “Contact Use” select “Secure Chat.” Enter your name and select from the drop down menu if you are on a mobile phone, and then get to chatting!


Login to your account and click “Support” at the top right of the screen.

To secure chat: Click “Secure Chat” and a new window will open and once you enter your name you’ll be connected with a site operator ready to answer your questions!

To Send an Email: Click “Secure Email and Knowledge Base” and a new tab will open. Then click “Send an Email” and you will be able to select from a drop down menu which department you would like to launch an inquiry with. To check if your inquiry has been answered, you can click on “Email Inbox” right next to “Send an Email.”

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