November 1, 2019

My Pre-Approval Offers

With the Interior Federal’s mobile app, getting a loan has never been easier!  With the tap of a finger, you can see if you have Pre-Approved Offers waiting in the app for you to redeem.  Once you log in (conveniently and securely with Face ID or Fingerprint), tap the More button, and select My Pre-Approval Offers. 

Here’s what you’ll see….

pre-approval screenshots  

Your pre-approval offers show you what loans (vehicle, credit card, signature, line of credit, etc.) you’re approved for and up to how much you’re approved for.  With a pre-approval, you’re able to purchase that car, new computer, or home project with your approved funds. 

Follow these quick steps:

  1. Select the offer that you want.
  2. Enter the amount that you want up to the approved limit.
  3. You’ll see your rate, and what the payment amount will be.
  4. Read all of the disclosures.
  5. Submit.

The best part about a pre-approval is there’s no application is required to fill out! The Credit Union has already pre-screened you and determined the amount and rate that you qualify for from your Credit Score.  You’ll save yourself some time from filling out a long piece of paper or online application.

A loan officer will reach out to you complete funding, which is fairly fast as long as you provide all of the needed information by uploading any additional documents. 

  1. For a personal loan or line-of-credit, the money can be put right into your checking account, and then you can use your debit card to make a purchase. Or transfer it out, write a check, or withdrawal from an ATM.
  2. For a car, we make the check out to the dealer or the seller.
  3. For a credit card, we order you a card, which should arrive in 5-7 days.
  4. For a home equity, there’s more paperwork due to needing an appraisal and insurance documents.

Only one offer can be selected when clicking on an offer.  If you would like to choose another offer, you can apply for that one. The process is simple!  So, save yourself some time by checking out your Pre-Approval Offers before you ever start a loan application again!

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