March 03, 2017

A Little Bit of Practice Results in a Big Time Win!


Soccer.  That small little black and white ball, a couple of goals and that big open field.  It has consumed my family’s time over the past couple of months.  Especially that of my 12 year old son.  4 days a week of grueling practices, with 2 games a week both home and away.  And we, the parents.  Driving to those away games.  Cheering from the sidelines.  Making friends with other parents doing the same for their kids.  Winning, losing…emotionally draining.  At the same time exhilarating and just plain fun.  Maybe you can relate.

Practice.  Effort.  Determination.  These are the things that make us stronger, build our confidence, and determine our future.  Belonging to something bigger than us alone, and trusting in that organization called the Team.  It gives us that sense of accomplishment and pride.

That’s exactly how we also need to think about savings.  It starts with the small stuff.  The working at it.  The practice of doing it again and again.  The pain.  The sacrifice.  The long hauls of wondering if we’re doing it right.  Seeing it grow and then perhaps drain.  The emotions.  Ah!  But, again, determination and effort is the key that builds our savings over time, gives us hope and security.  It makes us stronger.  Belonging to the Credit Union community allows us to be part of that Team.  That organization that cares.  Pride.

Mason jar full of quarters with a plant growing.

For me, it reminds me of my responsibility as a parent of my son.  His future.  His savings.  His growth into a young man who deserves hope and a future.  Several years ago, I established him a savings accounts with me as his joint owner.  It started with just a $25 deposit.  As a working mom, I set up an automatic transfer of $50 each pay from my checking into his savings account and have watched that account grow and grow.  It now has a healthy balance.  Recently, I opened a Certificate to earn more on those deposited dollars.  I’m actually kicking myself that I didn’t do that sooner.  With a minimum of only $500, I could have earned so much more than letting it sit in the savings.  Practice.  Effort.  Determination.

Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.
~Jackie Mason

Like my son, I’m not always a good financial athlete, but I continue to try, to succeed, to win.  His future and my future is dependent on me working at it, one day at a time.  With my effort, and the Credit Union’s ability to provide me with savings instruments to meet our objectives, we can do this.  Savings. Dividends.  Trust.  Security.

As I drive to yet another game, I’m reminded of this key principle…..keep working at it—whatever we do.  Soccer.  Savings.  As we do, we keep getting better at it.  I like winning.  How about you?

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