October, 2016

Finance Your Events

We want to be relevant to you, and to be there for all of your financial life events.  Whether you are buying a new or used car, funding a college education, taking an overdue vacation, or just going out to dinner with your significant other.  Finance.  We all need it.  Why not do that with a partner that cares?


We want you to save for that upcoming retirement.  In addition to term certificates that have competitive rates, we offer Individual Retirement Accounts (Traditional & Roth), Educational Savings Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts.  You can also set up IRA share certificates, did you know that?

Savings….Certificates, IRAs, Money Market Accounts, and Special Savings for weddings, vacations, or the holidays.  We encourage you to save.  And we’ll pay you competitive interest rates to save with us!

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We don’t always want to tap into our savings for bigger purchases.  That’s why when you want to buy that next car (or a car for the kids), why not get a great deal through us?  We have some of the best rates in the country, plus we look out for you in getting you purchasing power through our TrueCar auto buying service, plus offer you the best deals on GAP policies to protect your investment.  Check out our website for special financing offers through TrueCar and for those young adults in your life.

We also want to be in your wallet.  Our credit card has a great rate, member rewards if you want them, chip technology for your protection, and all that you need at your fingertips to manage your account online.  We also have a really cool, new design.  Would you consider carrying our card?  With Visa Secure, our card can be added to the digital wallet to make shopping online a breeze!

A strong undying passion for one’s dream is the greatest helping hand one could ever ask for.
~Edmond Mbiaka


Finally, banking with us just makes sense.  Why?  Because we don’t have all of the fees the banks do.  No annual fees on credit cards and no balance transfer fees (and did we tell you we have a 2.90% APR* for 6 months if you transfer your balances from those other bank cards?)  We also don’t have minimum balance charges, fall below fees, and exorbitant fees for other miscellaneous items.  We offer many of our services for FREE.  Yes, free.  Because we are your partner.  Your credit union.

We offer many discounts on loans, auto and home insurance, GAP, cell phone service, and through online retailers.  We give your rewards points on our credit cards.  We also give you home buying/selling incentives through a nationwide realtor.  We offer free wealth advisor services.

We get you and your financial needs.  And we want to be there—through life.  There’s never a need to cancel your credit union membership regardless of where you move or retire to.  You see, we have a nationwide reach through our ATM and Shared Branch network, so you can still access your account in person if you need to.  But many of our members don’t need or want to.  With online banking, mobile banking through a robust app, and through our 24-hour Call Center, you can bank at any time, any where.  We’re your Credit Union, and we care!  Let us be Your Natural Resource for Financial Services.

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