Membership for Southwest Travelers

We’ve created some special deals just because you fly Southwest!

  • Become a credit union member by clicking the Apply Now button below, and get the first $25 deposit into your new savings account.
  • Get a $100 Visa gift card for opening a Jumbo Share Certificate with at least $100,000.
  • Get a $25 Visa gift card for opening a Credit Card with a transferred balance from another credit card of at least $5,000.
  • Get a $25 Visa gift card for opening a Checking Account with a Debit Card with at least a $5,000 deposit.

Becoming a member of Interior Federal Credit Union will help you save time, save money, learn better financial skills, and experience the sense of community that comes with being part of a cooperative. Let us be Your Natural Resource For Financial Services.


Anyone can join through one of our affiliations.  Once a member, you’re always a member, and any of your family can become a member too.

What’s an immediate family member?

Immediate family members include spouse, children, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. For purposes of this definition, stepparents, stepchildren, stepsiblings, and adopted children are also considered to be immediate family members. Household members will consist of those individuals living in the same residence and who maintain a single economic unit. This definition intends to embrace any person who is a permanent member of and participates in the maintenance of the household. Domestic partners and anyone who lives in the household and can demonstrate a degree of permanency will be considered to be household members.

Membership in Interior FCU offers a variety of benefits. Interior Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative, owned and operated by its members. As a not-for-profit financial institution, the money the credit union makes is used to benefit our members (not to serve the needs of stockholders).

  • Save money with free accounts, better rates, and fewer fees.
  • Save time with convenient online and mobile access plus nationwide service through shared branches.
  • Learn skills that will benefit you throughout your life by taking advantage of our free financial education resources.
  • Experience ownership, because as a member you’re a shareholder with the right to participate in elections for the Board of Directors by voting or running for a position. You can also volunteer as a committee member who advises the Board about the needs of our members.

It’s Unique. There’s Nothing Like It!

What is it?

Nickel Back Rewards… you get 5¢ every time you use your Interior FCU Visa Debit Card.  That’s right, cash back for using your debit card as a signature-based transaction to make your everyday purchases! Wow!


For information or questions, please call us at 800-914-8619.

You’re welcome to review our fees and charges and our policies and disclosures.

Required identity documents are a US state issued driver’s license, state issued ID card or US passport. For membership eligibility, please include a copy of your work ID or pay stub. For volunteers, please include documentation from the Department of the Interior agency or the eligible employee group above that you volunteer for.  Southwest special offers expire 7/31/17.

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