FinanceWorks ™ (powered by Quicken) is a free service available within Online Banking. It’s an easy to use tool that will help you simplify your financial life by enabling you to get a complete financial picture of all of your accounts from Interior FCU and other financial institutions and creditors.

Key features include:

  • Shows all your accounts in one place.
  • Allows users to get organized for taxes.
  • Tracks where your money is going.
  • Shows progress on your goals.
  • Helps keep you on track with alerts and reminders.

Log in to Online Banking from our homepage and select FinanceWorks at the top of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with FinanceWorks?

Start by logging onto Online Banking and click on FinanceWorks on top of the webpage.

What types of accounts can I add?
You can add accounts to FinanceWorks from more than 12,000 additional financial institutions. You’ll go through a short one-time interview where we ask you for your sign-in information for your account at that institution. To begin, click the button at the top of the Accounts list on the Home page, or you can click the Accounts link at the upper-right of any FinanceWorks page and then click + Add Account. The account types you can choose from most financial institutions:


  • Checking, CD , Money Market, Savings
  • Credit Card, Mortgage, Loan, Line of Credit
  • Taxable Investment, Tax-deferred Investment
How do I use the Tax Watch to prepare for tax time?
You’ll see the Tax Watch link in the Other Tools section. The Tax Watch report lists possible deductions within your financial data, like childcare or charitable donations. You can also add other categories. Then click the Print All Tabs button to create a printable report or click the Download link to download the transactions as a spreadsheet.
How can I tell if I'm living within my means?
On the Home page, you’ll see a pie chart of your spending from the last 30 days. Click the Trends tab and look at your spending from different angles.
How do I set up my goals and budget?
On the Home page, you’ll see the budget limits we set up for you for this month. Click the Goals tab and set up goals for the categories you want to watch.
How do I stay on top of my bills?
In FinanceWorks, your bills are represented by upcoming transactions listed with each of your accounts. Then, in the Other Tools section on your Home page, click the What’s Left link to monitor your balance in the account you use to pay your bills.
How can I view the transactions older than 90 days?
Click the Settings link at the top of the FinanceWorks window. Click the Profile tab. Next to Find Missing Transactions, click Start. Choose the account you want along with start and end dates.

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