Member Service Through Our Contact Center

Besides online and mobile services, you have the option to call Interior FCU’s Member Services Contact Center toll-free during business hours 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (EST) at 800-914-8619 to speak to a member services representative. You may also use our Audio Response Service 24/7 as detailed below.  Simply dial 800-914-8619, and press 1 for automated services.

Available Services

Account Inquiry

Inquiries can be made on the following accounts: Checking, Savings, Loans, Certificates, IRA, and Club.

Account Balance
Provides Ledger/Current Balance and/or Available Balance, as well as additional pieces of balance information such as beginning of day balance, collected balance, amount of last deposit etc.

Select which account type you would like to hear information for. The system will determine if there is more than one account.

Account History
Account History provides a list of transactions that have posted to your account. Options include hearing all transactions or just deposits, withdrawals or ATM transactions. The list can be sorted by specific date or date range. All monetary transactions such as checks, ATM, and web transaction history are available.

The following search options are available:

  • All checks and other debits
  • All deposits and other credits
  • All ATM transactions
  • All transactions
Stop Payments
Stop payment on a check written against account. Stop payment can be placed by:

  • Specific check number
  • Range of checks

The following information can be played back to the caller:

  • Expiration date
  • Range of checks start
  • Range of checks end

If a check has cleared, a stop payment is not allowed on that check. If you use a ‘range of checks’ the system will tell you what checks have already cleared and all other checks in the provided range will be stopped.

Funds Transfer
Move funds from one account to another. Transfers can happen:

  • Immediately
  • One time in the future
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly
  • Semimonthly
Account Management
EFT Card Services

Deactivation: Members can either enter the EFT Card Number and SSN or choose from a list of cards to deactivate and enter their SSN. Re-order: Members will need to take the re-order option and then, they can either enter the EFT Card Number and SSN or choose from a list of cards to deactivate (and enter their SSN).

Change Your Audio Response PIN

This Audio Response System allows the members to change their own PIN without having to contact someone at Interior Federal Credit Union.

Future Dated Transactions
These items are waiting to post and the date items will post such as pending ACH Deposits and Scheduled Transfers.
Share and Loan Withdrawals
Withdraw funds in real time from shares and loans. The Credit Union is able to provide the member with details on how the check is delivered, picked up or mailed out.
Merchant Verification
Verify fund availability on credit union accounts. The member is asked for the account number from the bottom of the check and a dollar amount. The system will tell the caller if the funds are available or not.

Digital Banking

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