January 28, 2022

Member for Life!

Member for Life!

Many members think when it’s time to retire, it’s time to close your Interior FCU account. The beauty of life-long membership is that we are here for you forever, to handle any financial needs that life throws your way.

Bring us on your financial journey!

Little Buffalo Accounts: (0-12)

We believe the best way to learn is through experience from a young age. Financial literacy is becoming increasingly important, help your child build their savings with a Little Buffalo Account.

Teen Accounts: (13-17)

Learning how to manage money is a difficult task. Interior FCU Teen Accounts allow you to help your teen get off on the right foot. Parents can view and manage the account to keep a close eye on their teen’s transactions.

Young Adult Accounts: (18-26)

Young Adults between the ages of 18 and 26 years old can get a great start to financial independence with a Young Adult Account. Don’t worry, this isn’t some “kid’s club” gimmick, it’s straight up savings on our regular products that only young adults qualify for. Take advantage of the savings now, because once you turn 27 all these special offers will be converted to a regular membership.

A membership that matters…

Swiping and saving aren’t two words you normally hear together. Our debit card really does enhance your entire shopping and banking experience. Get a nickel back for using your debit card as a signature-based transaction. Members can also receive cash back through Interior FCU’s member benefit, MyRewards. My Rewards allows members to receive even more cash back at participating merchants.

If swiping isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe this will get the pot stirring. Interior FCU believes in rewarding members for handling finances responsibly. That’s why the more you deposit into your Interior FCU Savings Account, the higher your dividend rate. We are here to build members up. Check out the conveniences of digital banking, you won’t regret it. From money management to card controls, there’s something to elevate everyone’s banking experience.

Let us help you save for whatever the dream may be! Interior FCU Club Accounts are designed to help you stay motivated and reach your goals. Members can even name their account for whatever you’re saving for.

Are you ready to retire?

Our IRA center gives you online options for opening your Individual Retirement Account, managing it, and connecting with IRA Specialists from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can also find helpful educational articles on IRAs and retirement planning.

As your Natural Resource for Financial Services, we aim to be your financial solution to whatever life throws your way. Accounts for every life stage, competitive rates, member discounts, and world class service are what makes Interior FCU a credit union for all.

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