Catch a Break By Refinancing!

Are you feeling like you’re paying too much monthly on your vehicle loan payment? Refinancing your payments from another lender with Interior FCU could save you money and allow you to set the payment terms that works for you. You could use the money saved to allocate funds to other parts of your life!

We offer some of the best vehicle loan rates in the country! From now until April 30, 2020+, members who refinance an external loan for at least $10,000 will be given $100 into a checking or savings account^.

  • No Payment for 90 days! 
  • Competitive, low rates
  • Various terms available for new and used vehicles
  • Easy application process



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Still unsure about whether you should refinance? Here are 3 reasons on why you should consider refinancing:


  1. Lower Interest Rate. If the average auto loan interest rates have dropped or your credit score has improved, a new interest rate would be in your best interest to save money monthly.
  2. Stretching Out Your Payments. If you’re having a hard time making ends meet financially, you may be able to refinance your loan to a longer term and lower your monthly payments. We refinance up to 72 months.
  3. Extra Cash. If your loan to refinance is less than $10,000, you can take the rest out as cash for some other purpose! Maybe to pay your taxes, a large purchase, or another unexpected expense.

These are the documents needed to expedite the vehicle loan refinancing process: 

  • Provide a 14-day written payoff, in writing, from your finance company that includes the daily interest and payoff address
  • Copy of title OR vehicle registration 
  • Documented current mileage 
Vehicle Loan Rates
TermAPR* as low asEstimated Monthly Payment Per $10,000
Used Vehicle NADA Retail & Trade
24 months3.24%$430.91
36 months3.24%$291.88
48 months3.39%$223.08
60 months3.69%$182.78
72 months3.99%$156.42

For additional information or assistance, please call us at 800-914-8619.

+Loan must be booked by April 30, 2020. Internal loans are ineligible.

^Money will be deposited into member accounts 60 days following the end of the promotion.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Loan rates are based on creditworthiness and combined products/services of checking account, direct deposit (minimum $500 monthly), e-statements and VISA Debit Card. Rates are based on an evaluation of credit history, so your rate may differ. Not all borrowers will qualify for this rate.  For additional rates and terms click here.

Promotion may be discontinued at any time. 

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