Coming August 1, 2024: 

Digital Spend Account

We are thrilled to unveil our latest offering designed exclusively for our valued members – our brand new Digital Spend Account! 

  • Dividends up to 3.01% Annual Percentage Yield on balances below $10,000
  • Loan discount up to 0.25% APR
  • Certificate rate increase up to 0.25% Annual Percentage Yield



Digital Wallet GIF
debit and credit cards



If you meet the qualifications, you get the best dividend rate offered:

  • 3.01% Annual Percentage Yield on balances less than $10,000
  • 0.50% Annual Percentage Yield on balances of $10,000 + 

If the monthly qualifications aren’t met, you will receive the lowest dividend rate.

Loan Discounts & Increased Certificate Dividend Rates

Based on your membership tenure (see chart), if you meet the monthly requirements 2 out of the last 3 months, excluding the previous month, you are eligible for:

1. A loan discount on subsequent consumer loans:

  • The discount is applied on a FUTURE Signature Loan and/or Vehicle loan
  • $10,000 minimum loan amount

2. An increase on certificate dividend rates on subsequent certificates:

  • On a FUTURE, new, regular/IRA certificates
  • $10,000 up to $99,999.99
  • Jumbo and Bump-Up not eligible
  • The increased dividend rate will not apply upon renewal

Loyalty Rewards

Reward LevelMembership TenureLoan
Certificate Dividend Rate Increase
Glacier1 Year0.05% APR discount on $10,000.000.05% Dividend rate increase on $10,000.00 up to $99,999.99
Grand Canyon5 Years0.10% APR discount on $10,000.000.10% Dividend rate increase on $10,000.00 up to $99,999.99
Yellowstone10 Years0.25% APR discount on $10,000.000.25% Dividend rate increase on $10,000.00 up to $99,999.99

Your Statement. Explained.

understanding your statement

4 Qualifications Needed


Requirements for Dividend up to 3.01% APY on cash balance:

  1. 12 credit/debit transactions per month (minimum)
  2. $1000 direct deposit per month (minimum)
  3. 1 login to digital banking+ per month (minimum)
  4. 2 digital wallet+ transactions per month (minimum) (i.e. Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay).

Dividends are based on one month of qualification data. For example: Dividends paid on July 1st are based on June balances that uses May qualification data. 

DSA Statement Yes example

                   Not eligible for loyalty rewards until membership tenure is 1 year or more.

Existing Member Choices

  1. You may choose to keep your current checking account with Nickel Back Rewards, but you will not have access to loyalty reward loan discounts and increased certificate dividend rates.
  2. If you have a Teen Account (ages 13-17), you will keep your current checking account until you convert to a Young Adult Spend Account,
  3. If you have a Young Adult Account (ages 18-26), you can choose to keep your current checking with Nickel Back Rewards, or upgrade to a Digital Spend Account,
    • When you become a regular member, your checking account will become a Digital Spend Account,
  4. Should you choose to convert your account, you will need to verify your internal & external transfers are not affected.

Manage On The Go

Manage your finances from anywhere with our app and make payments wherever you are with a digital wallet!

Frequently Asked Questions


Get the answers to all of your questions about the brand new Digital Spend Account.

What is a “spend account” and why do you call it that?

A spend account is just another way of saying “checking account”. This is a transactional account. Think about it, how often do you write checks? Most likely, not very often. The idea is that you are SPENDING your money from this account and where you receive your direct deposit. It is where you make transactions like your daily cup of coffee, weekly Target® run, or monthly bills. You can still order checks if that is how you prefer to make payments with the Digital Spend Account.

I am afraid of putting my card information on a smart device. How will I know its safe?

This answer is twofold. First, your card within the digital wallet uses what is called “tokenization”. Simplified, tokenization basically assigns a randomly generated card number with every purchase made. Your card number is not stored on your phone or with any given merchant. Need more info on tokenization? Read more here.

Second, when you are in person making a purchase using your smartphone, no payment will go through without your consent. Once you hold your device to the payment terminal, it requires some kind of tap or press on your part PLUS either face ID or a passcode entered to “verify” the purchase. Just walking past a register will not cause a payment to be made, which ensures you are aware of all spending.

Are digital wallets the same as digital currency?

No. Digital currency refers to assets like crypto or bitcoin. Digital wallets are simply digital versions of your existing debit or credit card.

I have my own account but am joint on another account, can I use qualifications from my personal account on the joint account?

No, whatever member number is associated with your Digital Spend Account must be where your increased certificate dividend rate or discounts are applied.

How will dividends work with the new Digital Spend Account?

The monthly dividend rate earned on the Digital Spend Account will be based on whether the account met the four monthly requirements or not, excluding the previous month’s statement activity. For example: Dividends paid on September 1st, for August balances, uses qualification data from July.

Qualifications were met in this month Statement summary shows if member will qualify for higher dividends Dividends post on the 1st of this statement
July August September

Why is my dividend rate based on a different month of qualification data?

We pull information from multiple sources to gather the necessary details for qualification data on a Digital Spend Account. Due to this, we are not able to send real-time information for our statements in a timely manner.

Where can I find the dividends that I qualified for from the Digital Spend Account section at the top of my most recent statement?

In order to see which dividends your earned from the qualifications stated on your most recent statement, you will need to log in to digital banking and review your transaction history for your Digital Spend Account. The dividends you see on your current statement were paid on the 1st of the previous month, and do not relate to what is printed above in the Digital Spend Account section. 

How do the loyalty rewards qualifications work?

The first step depends on your membership tenure: We have broken up the loyalty rewards into three (3) tiers, Glacier (1 year), Grand Canyon (5 years), Yellowstone (10+ years). Whichever tier you fall into will be listed on your statement. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU QUALIFY FOR THAT TIER. Each tier has a specific loan discount or increased certificate dividend rate that you will receive on the next product you open/apply for. The loan discount only applies to Vehicle Loans, Signature Loans, and Debt Consolidation loans.

The second step of loyalty rewards is to meet the initial qualifiers:

4 Qualifications for DSA dividends met - YES

In order to receive these benefits, you must “qualify for two out of the last 3 months, excluding the previous month.”  The qualifiers are based on activity history. Here is what we mean:

Month on Statement Months Loyalty Rewards Are Based On

How do I know if I qualify for the higher dividend rate?

Follow the below instructions to see if you’re meeting the minimum monthly qualifications for the best dividend rate.

  1. 12+ debit/credit card transactions: Check your debit/credit card history in digital banking
  2. $1000+ Direct Deposit: Set up Direct Deposit under Secure Forms in online banking
  3. 1+ login to digital banking: download our mobile app to login at any time
  4. 2+ digital wallet transactions: track your transactions in the digital wallet app you use

How do I know which loyalty rewards I qualify for?

Please contact the Credit Union through digital banking or call us at 800.914.8619 to verify with a member service representative which tier (if any) that you qualify for.

Will my refinances qualify for the lower rate discount?

Yes, as long as the total amount of your loan is over $10,000. If you are paying off an Interior Federal loan in addition to the $10,000 minimum balance, the new loan must be at least $1,000 over the balance of the current loan. 

What if I no longer qualify for the discount AFTER I get my loan? 


You will not lose the loan discount if you finalize and book a loan with it. If you qualify for the discount at the time of booking, you will keep the discount for the life of the loan.


What happens if I reach a new membership tier during a loan?


The loan will remain at the same rate as when you booked, and will not change with your membership tier. The NEXT loan you book or certificate opened will have the higher loan discount or increased certificate dividend rate of your new membership tier. 

What happened to Nickel Back Rewards? Can I still sign up for that?


While we have discontinued the Nickel Back Program, we are now giving you SO. MUCH. MORE. Even if you aren’t a member for 1 year yet, you can still earn 3.01% Annual Percentage Yield in dividends on balances less than $10,000. This is a better offering than a nickel for every signature-based transaction. PLUS, once you qualify for loyalty rewards you also get a loan discount or an increased certificate dividend rate.

This account really is the best of both worlds. Higher dividends than our legacy checking accounts, and loyalty rewards based on your member tenure.

How does this affect my recurring transfers?

Once your account conversion is complete, you will need to reschedule your transfers using the Digital Spend Account.

Where can I use my digital wallet?

The below list is not comprehensive. Use your digital wallet anywhere you see the contactless payment symbol or select as a payment option online.

  • Travel and Transportation:
    • Airbnb®
    • Uber®
    • Lyft®
  • Food and Drink:
    • Starbucks®
    • Dunkin®
    • McDonald’s®
    • Chipotle®
    • Chick-fil-a®
    • Costco™
  • Delivery:
    • Grubhub®
    • DoorDash®
    • Instacart®
    • Uber Eats®
  • Stores:
    • Target®
    • Sephora®
    • Staples®
    • Home Depot®
    • Zara®
    • CVS®
  • Entertainment:
    • Ticketmaster®
    • AMC Theaters®
    • Live Nation®
    • Eventbrite®
    • Fandango®
  • Digital Fundraising Platforms:
    • GoFundMe®
    • KickStarter®

What if I upload my card to a merchant’s app, like Uber? Does that count as a digital wallet transaction?

No, if you are entering your card number straight into the app, it’s not going to count that as a digital wallet transaction. If you would like to use your digital wallet to pay within an app, when you check out in the [Uber] app, you have to select the option to pay via Digital Wallet (i.e. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay).

What if I can’t use “Tap to pay” on my phone or I don’t have a smartphone with a digital wallet?

If your phone is not compatible with “Tap to pay” or you do not have a smartphone, there are alternatives to using your digital wallet. You can upload your Interior Federal debit or credit card to an ONLINE digital wallet. It can be accessed online to make purchases from your computer wherever digital wallet payments are accepted. Once your information is saved to Apple Pay or Google Wallet*, you will be able to select that as your payment option at checkout instead of having to enter your card information each time you make a purchase. 

*Apple Pay and Google Wallet are available from a desktop, Samsung Pay is not available via desktop, and Garmin Pay is only available via smartwatch.

To open a digital spend account, you must be a member of Interior Federal. Establishing your membership is easy – just open a primary share savings accountSee if you’re eligible for membership. For additional information or assistance, please call us at 800-914-8619.

For more information on rates and fees, see our Schedule of Fees and ChargesTruth-In-Savings Disclosure and Membership Disclosure.

+Message or data rates may apply depending on your wireless plan.