March 31, 2021

Making A Transfer Via Mobile App

Have you thought about making an automatic transfer to grow your savings? Do you need to schedule funds to be transferred from your checking or savings account to make a loan payment? Or maybe you need to know how to transfer money quickly to another member? Learning how to make a transfer is an important service we offer our members for their financial needs and we’re here to help you learn how.

How To Transfer Money

Transfer money in between your Interior FCU accounts (savings, checking, money market, etc.)

  1. Login to our mobile app.
  2. Select Make a transfer.
  3. Select an account you want to transfer from.
  4. Select an account you want to transfer to.
  5. Select an amount you want to transfer between accounts.
  6. Select Transfer and confirm the transfer.

Your transfer has been completed successfully! It is that simple and easy.

interior fcu credit card placed in shopping cart

Add your Interior FCU debit and/or credit card to your online shopping carts on retail websites.

Completing a Member to Member Transfer

Transfer money to another Interior FCU member

  1. Log into mobile banking.
  2. Select Make a transfer.
  3. Tap on the “To” field.
  4. Tap “Add a recipient”.
  5. Enter the required information for the recipient account.
  6. Tap “Verify”.
  7. Return to the transfer funds screen to send money to the recipient.

Schedule a Loan Payment

Transfer money from an Interior FCU account to pay an Interior FCU loan

  1. Login to mobile banking.
  2. Select Make a transfer.
  3. Select Schedule at the top of the screen.
  4. Select Schedule a Transfer.
  5. Select the account you would like to transfer funds from.
  6. Select the account the loan account you would transfer funds to.
  7. Select the amount you would like to pay for the loan. You can select payment type as well. You choose to pay the principal amount of the loan only or a regular payment.
  8. Select the frequency of paying the loan.

Options are: once, every week, every 2 weeks, twice a month, etc.

  1. Select Schedule and submit your schedule payment.

You’re all set!

Sending Money To A Friend

Do you need to send money to a friend at another financial institution? Transfer money by using PopMoney.

  1. Login to Mobile Banking.
  2. Select More. Then select PopMoney.
  3. Insert the mobile phone number or email address of the person you would like to send money to. If the phone number or email does not match any of the contacts in your phone, insert the person’s first and last name.
  4. Type the amount you would like to send and select which account to send money from.
  5. Choose the delivery time. Your options are next business day or 3 business days.
  6. If you would like to add a message to your transfer, you may add it in the Message
  7. After completing all of the steps, tap on Send Money to complete your transfer.

Your transfer is complete!

Making one-time or scheduled transfers simplifies everything for your financial needs. When scheduling a payment you won’t ever have to worry about missing one again.

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